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Prologic Unit Bite Alarm


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Novitet za 2013 






No other bite alarm on the market have the same features of our new UNIT in such compact shape : tone, volume and output jack for illuminated biteindicators.
They come in a luxury box with a full set of interchangeable rollers with 1 and 4 magnet, allowing you to change the sensibility of you alarm depending on the fishing situations. The receiver have new flat-shaped LED that provides superb illumination. The received have also an ultra-bright white LED that automatically turn on after the 3rd “bip” providing good illumination to walk out of the bivvy during the night. Because of that we have provided the receiver of a small thread so is possible to fit the receiver on a banksticks just outside the bivvy illuminating the path to the rods.



• 150m wireless range
• Different illumination on receiver for run or drop back indication
• Memory function on receiver
• Silent mode and vibration
• Supplied with Neoprene ultra soft cover
• Uses one piece of 4A76 6V battery
• Energy saver circuit
• Supplied with built in 2 magnet roller
• Totally sealed and waterproof
• Ultra-bright white LED
• Interchangeable roller
• Silent mode
• 5 tone and volume level
• Oversized and powerful speaker
• 4 roller each color with one magnet




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